How are you going to spend your Saturday morning??? Grrrr, we are going to take the car to the dealers. Bah hum bug ! I was driving home, feeling good, the weekend is here, as I pulled up to the house Mark was sitting on our bench and Courtney walking Indi in the front yard- as I pulled in, I am waving to them and Mark is signaling to me to roll my window down, back the car up, pull it forward, grrr, the back left of my car is growling. Sounds like maybe a brake or bearing issue.

So we get to try out our Geico Mechanical Breakdown part of our auto policy. It was offered on new cars ( less the 15 000 miles) it is much less then the cost of a dealer warranty- so we will see how it goes.

We will get there

around 9:30 or 10 and wait, and wait some more. They have to do an estimate then call Geico, then fix it.  We have a soft ball game we have to get Courtney to by 4:00 in the afternoon, we are figuring we will be done by then.More to follow on our upcoming wonderful adventure!

Courtney and I played 4 or 5 rounds of Jenga- it is a fun game where you have pieces of wood stacked in 3 wide 13 tall, you pull out a piece of wood and then put it ontop of the stack. The goal is to get to 36 layers. We got as high as 32.  What you need to do is carefully pull out individual pieces with out having the tower fall. It is a major act of concentration, firm hand and a non shaking table.


We did get the stack to look like this one each time.

It was neat to try, and we will achieve 36 layers high at some point in our lives… not tonight through.

I hope each of you have an exciting weekend, it will be tough to meet our excitement of sitting in the lounge at the dealers, but hey- you can’t all win all the time. It sounds in the north east at least the weather will be good, campers enjoy, sun bathers, rejoice, and autodealers- do not be too greedy! Love to all, Cindy