Thinking “out of the box” That seems to be the key right now to many things. In this scary financial time I think more and more people are going to need to become resourceful. We are going to need to soul search our inner strengths our talents, our abilities. We may end up being more in a society from the days a bartering then the days of ignoring what we have and wanting more.

For those fortunate to truly own their homes and not be living in a home that is actually owned by the bank- well at least you have a home. Then there are those- like us, that have a roof over our heads and our names on the deed, but if there were  a few months of non payment, the roof would be gone.  So we need to think out of the box. Like Brandon did. Oh he could have scootched around the recliner and gotten to the center of the living room, but why not do it smart- right thru the end table.

brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 105 Employers love the thinking out side of the box theory, if it will help to get the job done and increase productivity.  Some employers forgot an important part of the thinking outside of the box… they may have found a way to save money making their product- but they have sacrificed quality and the sanctity of the American workers in the process. That has started to pay us back- lead in children’s toys, contaminants in peanuts , salmonella on vegetables, mad cow disease, shabby wall board, tainted baby food.

Carefully we need to focus closer to home, to do the jobs better, to not be greedy and not lose our pride. We need to look outside the box, outside the routines and see what is on the outside.  We need to rally together and take advantage of the wise business people, listen to the successful ones, and do not get sucked in by the slimy ones. Listen to the  Bill Gates of the world, and not the “Car czars.” We need to lose the thought process of “that is how we have always done it” and start the process of how can we get a great result more efficiently.

I do wonder what can I do if I was to no longer have the job I love so much? And how can I make enough to pay for the cost of living?

What can you do? What things , what service can you provide as an individual to make some cash, but fulfill a need. It is a HUGE world, with opportunities, I hope I fulfill each day to my fullest potential.

Love to all, Cindy