If you see a dog with a collar that looks like this, the hope is you see him from afar- in his own yard.

Now if he is in your yard and he has a collar like this, and he is not your dog, then something with his invisible  fence is not working.

The Invisible Fence  is a theory that is good, you have an electrical wire underground around the area you want the dog to stay in, then you put this big ass collar on the dog, and every time they come within a certain footage they start to get shocked- lightly at first, stronger the closer they get. IN THEORY your dog can go out, be free, but within a parameter.

Now if there is a power outage- well, not so much !. And their collars are run on batteries- and the batteries need to be changed before they run low or out.

We have 4 dogs across the street from us  and another 2 dogs to the right of our house, across a busy road. Both have the invisible fence.

The 2 to the right of us, they are black labs. One of them must either have gotten really used to getting zapped by the invisible  fence, or his batteries in his collar are weak. One of them has a tendency to be in our‘s or the neighbor’s yard. It sucks when they go in the neighbors, cuz their dogs go to chase them and get zapped and bounce back from the shock.

These 2 black labs are not stupid dogs. When their owner comes home they stay in their yard acting like the electricity is keeping them in their own place, but when the owner is gone, they wander.

Yesterday, the owner was gone and we had just pulled up in front of our house. We had Courtney with us. We were watching a small animal of some sort walking up our yard, when out of the clear blue, one of the black labs crossed county route 8 and grabbed this animal in his mouth, dropped it, picked it up again, dropped it and went back to his yard. We did not know if it had been a rabbit or a possum- but whatever it was, it was now humped over in our yard. Mark, Courtney and I were all looking at this animal 120 feet away from us and wondering now what. Not really believing what we just saw and wondering why the dog did not take it back with him after he killed it.

Courtney got the shovel and headed down towards it, it was a brave thing for her to do, but she never got closer then 15 or 20 feet to it. I watched her as she tried to mosey on down there. She would almost tip toe down, and try to peer at it, then head back up to the house, she did it about 4 times. Mark went down with her on her fifth trip, and the report was it was a possum, it was still breathing, eyes open. Ugly or not we were bummed it happened. There was nothing we could do, it all happened so quickly!

So now, after 55 years of my life, I understand the words of my mother when I would tell her I was too sick to go to school. She would say, “I think you are playing possum.”

I found this on google images- this little bugger was probably “playing possum “ too. And the folks stuck the bottle between its legs.

The animal laid still, not moving a muscle for over an hour, looking dead. I bet we could have propped anything there too!.

About 30 minutes or so passed and I heard the 2 black labs barking and the possum had gotten up and left.

We personally are real thankful he lived and left, for what would we have done with a dead animal? Ya can’t leave it there, it would have stunk up the whole area, can’t embalm it-we don’t have the equipment or the training  ; can’t bury it- Our ground is full of rocks-;- I was thinking we could  move it closer to the road and the town might pick it up. It was weird, it was funny now that he is not dead in our yard, and it is a warning to everyone, that invisible fences are not always that dependable!  Oh yeah, and Possums like to play dead ! ( They are ugly suckers too, and LOTS of teeth!) Hope you have an adventurous weekend! Love to all, Cindy