Welcome to my obsessive pondering and wonder. Here is my latest pondering.

See every July we have a family reunion, I do look forward to it because I get to see many of my family that I do not see all year round.  Life has a way of getting away from us and before we know it we are no longer able to get around. So the family reunion is a time of kinship.

Well, this year we decided to go try a different way to lodge. On Monday I asked Mark if he could check on a hotel room in a town near the campsite area where the reunion is. So at  first he had found and reserved a hotel room about 20 minutes from the State Park we all meet at, but then …………………….

I mentioned to Mark that I thought there were cabins available.

( this is not the cabin we are renting.. there are no pictures on line of the cabin are we are renting it from ) I had read a nice little brochure on the cabins in the State Park, it said it came with a small fridge, electricity, bedding, 6 beds- so in the back of my mind I was thinking this would be closer to the family and maybe a compromise between a campsite and a hotel room, and if Jeff and Amanda were just popping down quickly, we would have room for them, if the  camper was not okay to bring.

Mark could not believe it- the cabins usually have to be rented for a week- but there just happened to have been a reservation error and someone had rented a cabin , in the park area we needed, for Sun thru Weds- and this is for July 4th weekend. This is totally amazing, since most folks make reservations 11 months in advance. We just happened to only need it Thurs thru Sat night- so this error was exactly what we needed, and we save about 300.00 by renting the cabin instead of the hotel. So mark then called and canceled the hotel.

Jeff and Amanda have our popup from before, we gave it to them a couple of years back, as it was hard for Mark to help to set it up with his knee injury, so some day, we talk of buying a hard shell- but that day has not yet come. Jeff and Amanda have offered we share the camper with them, but we both think they would have a much nicer time if we were not there 24/7. Now if they do get down there, I bet Mark might use the camper for a nap. SO we have a cabin… I asked Mark to call and ask what we need to bring..such as ..Is there a fire pit, we love to sit around the camp fire, toast a couple marshmallows and talk.

What about the bed situations?

wellll the girl at the park said .. “Well it is very RUSTIC” … so we have no idea what we need to bring. So we are taking a road trip to check it out. I am a list person and want to make sure I have listed everything.  So we will see what this weekend ends up showing us. What is “Rustic” meaning? It is a state park cabin, I would think Rustic would be all, but since she specifically called this one rustic, I am wanting to be sure we are prepared.

More to follow, I am off to pay bills and get ready for the Friday before the full moon. Take care all, and I hope weird things stay away from you !. Cindy