Okay, all the old carpenters, who have gone to their reward, are about to roll over in their graves, or shake up their urns. But for the rest of us simple folks, those who have a lot of determination and little experience in the Craftsman world- well those people may understand what this photo and the next 2 photos mean to me. 100_2949

These are pictures of stubbornness, of the will to make something right that went terribly wrong, and the optimism that it will work in the end.

I have a Mother’s Day present that Jeff bought me , oh about 9 years ago. I love the gift, and it had a little accident over the winter in the shed. it is a Windmill, and it is kinda hard to store- but I do not let it stay out in the inclement days of winter.  This year the blade/top part fell to the floor and it was falling apart, the blades themselves started to come apart and the support of  one of the blades was cracked. We brought it over to Jeff and he diligently took the little pieces off, clamped, glued and screwed pieces together and we took it home ( actually on this Mother’s Day) . We set it up, but we could not find the spikes to anchor it, but we thought it would be okay. Well IT WASN’T, and 1 1/2 days later a wind blew the sucker over, and the nicely repaired blade broke right off.

So I pondered and thought how could I fix it. After a few weeks of pondering I took the chance- it is nothing pretty- as you can see above, but I bought Elmers Wood Glue, a couple of C clamps, a straight metal strip and I had a corner bracket. I literally poured the glue in every nook and cranny,  and c clamped the broken piece to the little bit of the base that was left on the spindle. Then about 4 hrs into the glue setting I screwed the corner and straight brackets in, and reclamped it, I placed it on the spare bed and hoped it would work. It is nothing that will be seen in the American Carpenter Journals, or in a Woodworking Shop, but damn –it – I fixed it.. 

So, I do apologize to all the grave keepers for the ruffled dirt from the carpenters rolling over, and  I am not expecting any calls from people who need wood

repair work done, but it does make us smile each time we see it spin in the wind. And yes… we bought spikes to anchor it down. Determination, prayers ( LOTS OF PRAYERS), stubbornness, faith, belief, imagination, and a little bit of taking a chance, and the end result- TA DA…100_2950

a WINDMILL, spinning and reminding me of Jeff, of being a mom, of life, of getting out and doing something even if it is a long shot, and the sweet taste of achieving that goal.  The “You-Can_do_it” ( As Home Depot kindly reminds us in their ads-)attitude spins in  our yard. Love to all, Believe in yourself, Cindy