A few days ago,on Saturday, I was going into work for a few hours. Mark and I had finished the traditional Saturday morning breakfast out with Shawn and Pat and we headed south east into my place of employment. We drove by a cemetery and I felt a sense of presence of each of those people who are now represented by a stone. A marble stone with their name, maybe a short quote or phrase, their date of birth and date of death. It hit me , that each one of these stones signify someone who used to cry when they were hungry as an infant, some of them were on this earth long enough to have gone through school, graduated, had birthday parties, came in and out of doors to their homes, hugged someone else, maybe had children of their own, , they had homes, lives, cars, heartache, happiness, smiles, laughter, trials tributes, a hero to someone, perhaps an enemy to someone else.

I had to laugh, Mark was saying my post yesterday sounded like my obituary, that was not my intent. I am just reminded of  the fragility of life. We are here but once, and if we chose to take this journey in a positive or negative approach, that is our choice, for in the end, we will be remembered, how we are remembered, and by whom – well- that depends on what we did with our lives.

My parents and my older sister were laid to rest in a cemetery about 20 miles from here. I know they are there- well their headstones are there, they each have left memories in my mind, in my heart, and there are people they touched in their lives , they created different memories for different people. What will the memory  of you be , 100_2946 if tomorrow does not come?

Like this dandelion- will it be remembered as this fallen apart puff ball… or the yellow brilliant flower it was for its life.

What projects are le

ft undone, what good intentions left on a list in your head? The fragility of life, the blessing of each breath, share each moment in a positive way. Love and blessings, Cindy