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I chose this as I have been wondering how I would have existed if I was back in the days of being a settler in America. As we were coming to a year since the  move we made to our new home, I think back to what it was like to move 8 miles . How hectic is felt, getting a pre-built home, placing it on an acre of already developed land, city water, and others doing the setting up of the home on the slab of concrete and doing the foundation. Then I think about what folks such as these folks went through.

Mark is worried about the grass being too long- look at these folks yard.

I can not imagine what it would be like to load up the oxens, mules and horses , heading West to the “promised land” using a covered wagon, not knowing what we were in store for, and no way to communicate to anyone. Just me, my husband, maybe a couple dogs , a cow and our kids.

There are no Walmarts, Gas Stations, Fast Food Joints, Grocery Store- nope- what we would have is only us. Depending on our ability to survive off the land. No butane lighters to start the fires, no convenient pre bundled kindling to start the fires with, just us. And it gets really dark at night !. No Motel 6, just the glow from the fire if you were lucky enough to start it. Probably knife in hand, gun for shooting game, watching for the Native Americans- who really had claimed the land before the settlers did, and knowing as you took that last leep into the covered wagon that this was it- you were on a one way trip. It took 5-7 days to get the distance we can go in one hour in a car.

The wagons held 2000 pounds, people had barrels with flour, sugar, their blankets, clothing, their pots and pans were hanging from hooks attached to the supporting loops inside the wagon cover. Gee- I have a little ticking or rubbing noise in a car- can you imagine the pots banging and clanging. The dad would walk along side the oxen/mule or horses, and frequently the children would be walking behind the wagon. ( Photo from google images – they got it from “”)

I am sure the ride was not smooth- the wild was not welcoming and to know that when you got to wherever your destination was that you would need to build your house , find a water source, need to plant seeds for food. Cut down and haul the trees for the frame of the home.

Nope, I could not do it, I am so thankful I live in 2009! I can not even imagine what it would have been like. 100_1342 This was our “covered wagon” and our way we packed-








I definitely am glad it is 2009 ! So on this weekend- remember those who fought so that we could have our freedom, those who ventured on ships to come to America and all those who took the step, who took the chance, and went to the wilderness, be thankful for all we have, for

PODS, and plastic totes, and even Walmarts. Love ya, Cindy