Memorial Day Weekend is a sign we did finally made it. The frost being over was the opening of the door, but Memorial Day Weekend, that is the frosting on the cake. Back and forth to work each day this week I observed at the NYS Fair Grounds parking lot piles of pallets being delivered for this weekend. It is a huge parking lot and every Memorial Day they have a bon fire for people to bring their torn and tattered flags to. I have seen the bon fire from afar, never actually gone to the parking lot. But it is a symbolic event every Memorial Day. This photo is from Google images it states it is from “” In Eatonville this ceremony appears to be on flag day- in Syracuse, it is Memorial Day.

Summer is coming, years back it meant raising the camper, touching it up from a long winter of setting, and making sure the registration was current, the inspection done, reorganizing my chores to the week days so we could go camping. That camper was totally amazing, every year we would raise it and it smelled like it was new. We used it a few times a summer, each time it felt great to do it.

I really love the camping part, but as the kids grew , we camped less, as Jeff had work on weekends and the last few years Jeff had been home, Mark worked thru Saturday. So it became very hard to free up weekends, as Mark would get in, we would have a cooler of used Rubbermaid containers to wash and a weeks worth of laundry to get ready, repack the containers for the next week, and regroup for a day and a half. We do still have a membership to a campground resort about 15-20 minutes away from here. It is one that we can pass on to generations or we could sell it. We have been very tempted to sell it, but we know we will not get what it is worth. It is a nice place, and if a person has the itch for a community environment that is locked and guarded, it is a safe place to bring your kids camping. There is a lake, paddle boats, a country store, a rec hall, kid and adult pools, miniature golf, planned events each weekend, so it is not a bad deal really. And being a member there is no nightly fee- just the annual maintenance fee.

I would love to be in a position financially to get a hard shell camper and venture out on weekends again. There is just something neat about going to sleep with the crickets chirping and a creek babbling. Then waking up a little chilled and shuffling off to a bathroom, the smell of campfires simmering, and fireflies flashing their butts to lead the way. And the camp area has Karaoke on Friday nights!. (Or at least they did last year) . The pop up was very nice, but it was harder for Mark to help set it up since his injury, so we did give it to Jeff and Amanda.

But it really is not practical right now, we have nothing to tow a camper with, and with the future seeming to be unsettled, we do not need an extra expense. So I guess I will just leave the window open a tad, hear the whirl of cars as they go by, an occasional dog yipping, and enjoy the cool evening breeze filling our room. We do have an outdoor fire pit, that could be our campfire. So I guess I am good. I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day Weekend, roast a hot dog or two, maybe some chicken or a burger, enjoy. Summer around here comes and in 3 months it is gone- so enjoy the heat while you can. Love, Cindy