Okay, maybe it is me, and the fact that I have not been  in business school, so maybe that is why I do not understand the way some folks do business- but I gotta tell ya, if I had a business, I would want for damn sure to know the people working for me are an ASSET to my company and not making an ASS-OUT of me.

Case in point- about 5 weeks ago I contacted the insurance agent that we had been insured through for 19 years. When we bought this new house in the whirlwind of the closing the seller of the home said it would be easier if we got insurance through an agent that works with them , at least for a year. So I stopped the policy we had had for 19yrs and went on for one yr only this other policy. Five weeks ago we received the bill from the new place and I thought it would be nice to get back in with our local agent – so I called them and then faxed to them the itemization of what we have through this other agency. I explained that the premium on the other policy was due May 7th, and expires June 5th- so I wanted a quote to see what we would need to return to them.

Five weeks later I am still waiting for a quote!!!!! We have spoken a few times, they asked me once what my husbands name was, another time if we had pets, another time if the house had cinder blocks for a foundation. I have been switched between Dave and Bob in the office, one answers one time , the other the next, They both are “familiar with “ my case. I was promised last time that by 5-18-09 AM I would have a quote. Well AM turned to PM and still no quote , so I called them . First call this afternoon , good ol’ Bob answered the phone. Bobbie Boy explained he should have it done by tomorrow, I reminded Bob that my premium with the other company was due 7 days ago, and I really need to know if they can help me or not. So I took a deep breath and said- “So tomorrow morning you will have it?”  His response- ya sitting down ????  “Ah-no probably tomorrow afternoon, you do not understand how CUMBERSOME this is to do !!! I have to handwrite things for it.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay – maybe it is me, but 5 weeks for a damn quote and then telling the customer that is a  pain in their  buttinski to do it for the customer!!!     What would happen when I had a claim?

I am a person with dyslexia- so sometimes my emotions take a bit to catch up to the reason. So I hung up the phone and the words kinda waited in my brain for my emotions to catch up- once they met I was pretty irritated with good ol Bob and his comment and for this delay. The longer the emotions united with the words, the angrier I got. If these 2 were working for me, they would soon be out looking for someone else’s business to screw up.

So I called Geico- they gave me a quote in less then 7 minutes, and they won !

I called back and guess who answered…Yep Dave. I explained that I am really offended that my quote I need was cumbersome to them, and I am taking my money elsewhere. Soooooooo  Dave and Bob- see this pile of money- that is the money you LOST because of your poor business etiquette  and because GEICO was efficient, friendly and fast.  Image is from Google images  “www.rosettekdiaz.com/…/2009/03/untitled.jpg” And “Bob” I really hope you are not the “Robert” who owns the business, if you are, you have changed dramatically from when I dealt with you in the past. Geico has been great for our auto insurance and I am confident they will do just as well with our home. ( And they are 100.00 less then the new company we were with for a year) Thanks Geico… and bye bye the other place,

Mrs Justa