Dreams , we all have dreams, dreams of the future, dreams of who we can become, dreams of where we want to go. Dreams of our future, dreams from our past.

Everyone needs goals, small goals so they are attainable, goals to dream about and to earn.

My niece has made the incredible commitment to join the Navy. She will do well there, she is physically fit , so the exercise, the drills, the climbing, the crawling, she will be okay in that part, and she will learn so much, she will come out the other end with a career, and I think with a sense of pride that one has trouble getting now a days. She will look good in uniform and she has a sense of humor that she will have to keep at a low key when a Sergeant is in her face. She has a dream and she is going for it. 100_2923

Dreams, goals I have a dream that this new garden we just started today will harvest some veggies for us. My dream will be shorter lived, still require some physical activity, and I am thinking tomorrow all  of us who worked to rotertill the garden today will feel the dreams tomorrow.

We all took turns, rotertilling this patch of grass, dirt and rocks was similar to the bucking bronco in the rodeo. One time my thumb and pinky finger of my glove got stuck together and the dang tiller started to run away with me on the handle. I am not the most physically fit person in the world- far from it, but I kinda felt like in the movie “Forest Gump’ when Jenny was saying “Run Forest Run” I was galloping with this rotertiller, wind blowing in my hair, and no indication that we were going to stop too soon. As I glanced to the right,the three others (Barb Les and Mark ) had a look on each of their faces that was priceless, and to this minute I am unsure if it was amazement because I was going for a Sunday jog with their rotertiller, or maybe that I could actually gallop. Somehow I was able to free my fingers of my glove and stop before I took out the neighbors dogs- but for a moment the dreams were all messed up. SO as I snicker over this feat of jogging with a rotertiller, and thankful I stopped, I will look out the back window and watch the garden, somehow we got the rock infested yard tilled – it was funny, it was fun, and it was really tough work!. But I think the fresh tomato off the vine will make it all worth while.We ended it with a nice meal, and wonderful company!  Peace to all, thanks to Less and Barb for this fun day, good luck Gretchen, and see ya soon. Love Mrs Justa