To be able to see into the future. To be able to oversee life as it passes by. To be high enough up that you know you are alone. And when at the top, what do you do when you find there is still a top above you? Would you want to be there? I would not.

There was a Dr Seuss story I read about a zillion times to my sisters and brothers titled “Yertle the Turtle”

Yertle is a turtle who is in command of all he can se, his throne was a stone in a pond. Yertle was not happy with that and so he commanded all the turtles in the pond to stack up on one another to make a throne much taller. Poor little Mack was a turtle on the bottom of the stack, and as the stack got high , poor Mack and the other turtles on the lower part were hurting, were tired, were hungry. But Yertle wanted to command more, higher, and the throne of stacked turtles began to sway a bit.

Yertle was angry when he saw the moon above him, so he wanted more turtles, he had to be in charge of EVERYTHING, to rule it all. He wanted to get higher then the moon that hung in the sky. Life became greed and not about others.

Now in 2009, does this sound like someone we may be familiar with , someone who wants to rule everything. (Hint- the banks, the auto industry,our salaries…)

A word on Mr O’blahblah…. Mack had all he could take, and he burped, a loud, deep belly burp , and the throne came tumbling down, and Yertle once again became ruler of the pond. Let’s not loose focus of all the people who are now un or under employed, of those whose life has been devoted to the employer only to find their retirement dwindled. How can the government be so blind to the Nancy Pelosi’s of the administration? How can the president  just want to rule more and more?

Don’t you think enough climbing up further to rule more is enough? We need to STOP- to go in one direction and help all, not just the government employees.

Please, before America becomes the land of the  pathetic. Love Mrs Justa