I am a hopeless candle believer. If that makes any sense at all. I LOVE candles. I love the way they smell in the house, I love how they look as the flame waves back and forth, I love soaking in a warm bubble bath, lights off and a candle burning on the sink counter top.

Candles, they mean so much really. When some of us were very young there may have been a candle given to our parents to light at each birthday- to burn for a set period of time, and put away till the next year. The candles have markings signifying each year of life  through 18. When some of us are baptized as infants, the church may have given us a candle. Christmas EVE candle service – Oh I just love that when the lights are shut off and Silent Night is playing and people are singing softly as they each light a candle from another. Birthdays, weddings, funerals, for praying, candles mean so much to me.

The menorah , the advent candles, events and inspiration comes from candles.Think of candles in your life. There must be special times.  100_2548 I remember once back in 10th grade, I had gone to a church camp for a week, and there was a chapel that was open 24 hrs a day. It belonged to the camp. We could go in there any time we wanted and light a candle, pray for ourselves, our friends, life events. The rule was you went in quietly, you could light a candle, and then sit for as long as you wanted in the dimly lit chapel. That experience was very spiritually moving to me, for in the quiet, in the near darkness, I sat for what seemed to be hours, with a couple friends I had just met, and we did not talk,   we felt comfort, reassurance, a sense of being in the arms of a Great Protector, at times it actually made us weep.

Candles have brought me comfort when there is no electricity. I light candles for people I know , for some I do not know, who I feel need some sort of support or reassurance. As I light a candle, I think their name, their face, their image, I say a prayer, and I feel that embrace I felt back in that chapel.

Have you ever really stopped, turned off all the distractions, lit a candle and really sunk into your being, into yourself. Meditation is often looked at as an awkward action, one that “the other person”  does. I am not suggesting to buy anything special, just give yourself permission to stop, turn down the lights, TV off, total uninterrupted time for you, light a candle , listen and feel the silence, search your soul, breath slowly, deeply, and meet yourself, your inner thoughts. And for those of you who believe there is a God, I truly believe this is a time when you may just feel those arms reach out to you. Peace to all no matter what your beliefs. Light a candle, for yourself, a friend, or a stranger you might have seen along your journey on this day of your life. Give yourself permission to stop, to reflect, to soul search.  Love, Mrs Justa