I am envious of this guy. He was soaking and just enjoying the day, his fur is looking a little tarnished from the algae in the water, but just the same, the most he had to worry about was the rock he was licking water off of.

He was a cool dude, and I have a few other shots of him laying on the rock in front of him and strutting his very large body across the platform. Yes he was cute, but I knew too he needed to be on one side of the fence and me on the other!

I can not understand why anyone would get so caught in their cuteness that they would jump into the area to be  with them though. I do not know if you read or saw the news report or even the U Tube video of the lady in Germany last month who decided to climb over the safety fence and swim over to the bear to meet them at the time they were eating. Are ya kidding me. Look at that guys paw! Fortunately for her sake she is in Intensive care healing from the multiple wounds she received. They are not the cute symbol for Coke ( trademark for a beverage) – these are mean animals, instinct in the wild is they have to fend for themselves, those paws are to rip flesh!100_2794

Zoos are nice to go to, and the animals are beautiful, cute and take some of us back to maybe a stuffed animal we had or a cat or a dog we had. We get all cutesy feeling, and think how neat it would be to pet them. But refrain- go on line and look at the video of the cage cleaner that was mauled to death by the tigers, ( it is GROSS) and he was trained to be in the cage with them.  I have my pros and cons for the  zoo, the circus, a game farm. I think it is a great place to go, but I wonder if it is right to cage wild animals? If it is something that they become more tame because of the entrapment.

All over the zoo were signs “Warning animal bites” . It is hard for us to not personalize the animals, 100_2804_edited even our own home pets we tend to make them people. But we need to remember that they are ANIMALS- with ANIMAL instincts, and at any given moment, something may trigger them to be an animal.

This cute sad  looking “dog “ is a wolf. I found myself thinking about how sad his eyes were and how neat it would be to play fetch with him, but then a little voice in my head said “IT IS A WOLF”. SO I got off the fence and ( just kidding ) and moved on.

A good house pet still needs to be treated like a dog, a cat, or a whatever . Because once we start talking for them thinking they have feelings of a human being, treat them like our children or our best friends, we become the weaker being. When we go to the zoo and start to think how cute the 300 pound bear is and that you wanna hug it- well it is going too far. So pull out your ol stuffed animals- or go borrow one of your kid’s, personalize that, cuddle it, get the need to personalize animals filled on an inanimate object, and always respect the real animals and be cautious. Be safe, love Mrs Justa