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I am using this photo to symbolize the shaking finger of a parent, or a teacher when you do something BAD. Even if it was without intent of doing something bad, when the “fickle finger of fate” ( a term from “Laugh-In” ) (( a program from the 70s – ))  comes flying your way- well you feel like a major oops has happened.

And today- well the f,f, of f which I will use now to refer to the “fickle finger of fate” came my way via a comment on a 5 month old post.

The comment had to do with referring to me as a plagiarizer- it referred to a post from long ago, where I used a poem in the end of the post. The poem was referred to with praise and how true it was to life and parenting, I had the poem in quotations and the author was clearly referred to but somehow this publisher ( who referred to themselves as an “oublisher” ) felt I had made an error.

So per the “oublishers” demand, I deleted the post. It is all rather silly I think ( in my most definite humble opinion) that this “oublisher” chose me, my little microcosm of the blogging world, my little outlooks 0n life, to attack. AS time passed and I thought of it more I find it amazing that being there are an estimated 120 MILLION blogs ( as an estimate in January 2009!!-)  that this “oublisher” found time to read mine.

So now I feel special- kinda like a blogging buddy who writes about medication and the medication folks contacted her- and she too was asked to delete her blog- think of it- out of 120 million + blogs- they found us?


My attitude is changing, I am feeling proud and a penguin- ( I was going to say peacock but….that was a phrase for advertising for “NBC” and even though I would be touched if they too came and read my blog- well I am the type of person who likes to keep a low profile, and having an “oublisher” comment on my blog- well that is too much attention for me. So I am going to waddle like a penguin away from this blog and reflect on the comments that came my way today.

I do apologize for the use of that poem- but that is “water under the bridge”  which is an idiom- a saying meaning something an event or action has already taken place and it is not worth worrying about any longer. See ya later, Mrs Justa… ( a name taken from my husband with permission)