It is National Nurses Week this week, and I for one want to take a moment for all to look in their rear view mirror and focus on the nurses in your life you have come across.

And look ahead for I am sure there are nurses in your future too.

Nurses are caring people, they go into the profession from compassion, not greed. A good nurse puts you first, and herself/himself second. Nurses are the pulse of the medical field, nurses in a doctors office, run the doctors office, and they make the doctor’s job able to be the doctor’s job. These folks wear so many hats.

In the hospital nurses are the eyes and ears for the families and the physicians. Nurses take really tough stressful situations and they attempt to make them easier for the patient. In the hospital nurses multi task, are ready in a moments notice to shift train of thought and gears to handle whatever comes to be.

And administrative nurses, they use their knowledge , their experience, to help the patients and their families, providers and vendors understand the payor side of health care. They too multitask, every moment- for they never know what the next call or fax will be. And everything needs to be worked on quickly, efficiently.

As an administrative nurse for a third party administrator, I look at what I do as being an invisible pillar on the porch of each family member. We are there for the patient, for their family members, we help the hospitals, the doctors and any other part of health care to hear what the doctor is needing for the patient, to understand the benefit the patient has in their health plan, and to try to make sure that the patient receives the care they need without going out of what their plan covers, for we do not want the patient or their family to face unexpected medical costs. It is a tough job, partially because media gives the payors a bad reputation, so before we even open our mouths some people expect us to be trying to pull something over on them .

In all the nursing areas I have worked in I find my absolute favorite type of nursing is hospital nursing, the next favorite is administration. For in both of these situations we are dealing with people who are having tough decisions to make, facing a major change in their life sometimes, and I thrive on making it as easy as possible for them while staying within the scope of the practice and guidelines of their health plan.

I really would love to do some per diem in a hospital setting, and continue with what I am doing now. And someday I may just do that. But for now, I will be that pillar on the porch for the people I come across. And I will do my best to explain, to teach, to listen , to be there. Happy Nurses Week to all, and until later, be safe. Love Cindy ( RN)