Creatures of habit, many of us are. I think we sometimes do not realize it until something makes the habit break. I watch myself and others and I see little routines we do. Maybe the way we set up our desk each morning, some folks ( including myself) come in every morning and there is a process of where they put their things they have brought to work, a coat, a lunch bag, and they turn their computer on at the same sequence.

(thanks google for this image of creatures of habit !)

Every day 5 minutes before lunch I can set my watch on some folks who walk by me to hit the bathroom before lunch.  How they get ready to leave for the day, certain quirks.

I find I have weird idiosyncrasies , many. One is whenever I am home and go on the computer, before I get up I have to play a game of spider solitaire. If I win then the next day is going to be good, if I lose…well the next day is going to be bad.

Or how I get dressed in the morning, the order I take my meds in, at lunch at work I throw the lunch in the micro wave oven and scoot over to watch the cars go by the building down the main street. Creatures of habit, we have little skits of habit and we follow the same steps .

Even the pets have habits. When I am leaving for work Mark goes to the window to watch me go, the cat is on the window sill and Indi next to Mark. All watching me leave.We wave the sign language hand signal  for “I Love You”  and off I go. The animals turn away and do their thing.

Then when I get home, Indi watches what I am doing, he listens and watches as we eat dinner, as soon as I am done, Indi lets me know he wants to be held for a brief time. Every meal.

The cat, he can have food left from the day before but every morning at 5:30 or 6 he meows and has figured out what things might wake us up- his habit in the morning is stretching to try to open the blinds, the knocking the phone off the table, trying to chew on plastic to make noise. once he is fed, he is quiet for the rest of the day.

I do try to change how I go to work for a variety, so not to get stuck in a habit. When I get in I try to consciously change the stairs I go up, or the aisles I go down. But it is tough. It feels awkward. Look at your own life, what habits are you stuck in? Try changing a routine and see how it feels. Like maybe going through the grocery store from the last aisle to the first, or change the order you get dressed, maybe the way you do something at work. If you are anything like me, ya feel like you have 2 left feet. But do it anyway ! Enjoy, Love Mrs Justa…. alias Cindy