As the day turns into night and I have visions of the pillow nestling my head and the mattress pad heating my muscles I am brought to a calm state.

I made it through a Monday and I am off tomorrow, back to work Weds. 100_2447_editedI have a vision of a wall hanging on Amanda and Jeff’s wall in their entry-way and I am comforted by its statement.

Faith, family and friends. These are necessary components in life. We need faith to take the next step, to take the leap to a challenge that might seem very tough.

Family. For some of us our family may not be a strong point. To me it is. It is funny but even though we do not see each other as much as we should, we know we are each there. I do worry about the day one of us turns around to find another has gone , passed on. For we can not replace the times we have missed.

Friends. When I was much younger I felt that a person needed a wealth of friends. So many they would not ever have time for themselves. But as I have gotten older I have come to find that true friends are few not many. I have a handful of true friends, and I love each one of them . And I often worry that I may have missed that last conversation, that last interaction, and when a person is gone, they are gone.

I find that life is unpredictable and we know not how many roads and pathways we may go upon in our journey. But through them all, through all the twists and turns, the darkness and brightness, FAITH can always be there. Per the dictionary faith means

“1 a: allegiance to duty or a person : loyalty b (1): fidelity to one’s promises (2): sincerity of intentions2 a (1): belief and trust in and loyalty to God (2): belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion b (1): firm belief in something for which there is no proof (2): complete trust3: something that is believed especially with strong conviction ; especially : a system of religious beliefs <the Protestant faith>

synonyms see belief

— on faith

: without question <took everything he said on faith>”

Do you have at least one good friend that you can share your deepest thoughts with? Is there someone in your family whom you find comfort with?

What do you have Faith in? Three very important components to live life by, nurturing and treasuring our family and friends, and never losing our faith. Love to all, Cindy

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