Last year just about 12 months ago, this was just a piece of land for sale, one that Mark had a vision that he shared with me, he asked me to come out and check it out and see if I too felt this could be a potential place for us to move to.


I saw his vision , so we worked our butts off packing , dreaming, financing a new home and the land. It took us probably 3 1/2 months to get from the vision to the reality. 022


There was a sign on the property that had not really been weeded out or planted for a few years, so we had decided that we would take care of the sign if the land became ours. And last year we did weed this out and got much and some flowers, ( we actually did it before we owned the property)


This weekend we once again were looking at this land,it is just different because it is our land,  and realizing it was time to plant the flowers around the sign for the development and to get the mowers out.  We put lights up around the sign this year, kinda looks neat!


Yesterday was the flower and mulch day. And  today at about 6:40 we decided we would tackle the mowing. We had been blessed with dinner over here with Amanda, Jeff and Brandon, they arrived about 3:30, dinner at 4:30 and after they left we made the determination to mow.

Mark got out the John Deere and took off, I pulled out the self propelled push mower and realized there was not much oil in it, so I had to scoot to a near by store ( 6 miles away) and get oil, gas and scooted back to push mow about 15 feet out around the house , around the shed, and do the ditches. Needless to say, I am really looking forward to my heated mattress pad today! It felt good to do it, to get it done, and it made me think about procrastination.

That made me sway to what do I procrastinate about? I have joined weight watchers, that was a major procrastination,  I hate procrastination. It is like Satan’s voice encouraging me to sway from a destiny. I am trying to stay focused, make lists for things to do and make sure I complete the list, and Satan… you can go somewhere else, cuz I am going to beat your butt!. Love to all, Cindy