Blue hills

Can you imagine what  a feat it would be to start at one side and get over all these mountains to the other side. Over and down, over and over again.

That is how life is, we have mountains of problems, mountains of temptations, mountains of successes , challenges, joys, heartaches and of failures. Yet we keep climbing, hoping that maybe over the next one we will find what we are seeking, what we are striving for. And when it feels like we have made it, well there is another dang mountain.

I can go over many times in my life when the mountain seemed too high, it would be easy to say forget it, I think I will build camp right here and to heck with the mountain, but each time there is a push from my inner self, a tug at my shoulder and a nudge at my back , a hunger to see the top, and the other side. And up I go on the imaginary mountains of challenges. But it is a must to remember that you climb a mountain one step at a time. And when you get to the top, oh the air is thin but the victory is sweet. I find I can not get too used to the top, cuz that nudge, that tug seems to push me back down. But while I am there, I suck into my soul the sweet feeling of achievement, of endurance, of success.

The journey of exercising, of weight loss, day to day activities, of work, of laundry, or housework, of mowing the yard, of paying bills, of shopping for Christmas, or mending things, of calling a friend or sharing time with loved ones, all parts of mountains in life. And how I approach them is how steep that mountain is. If I approach them with negativity, the mountain is straight up, but if I approach them with a “you can do it" attitude, then the mountain has ledges, has a less of an angle. So to each of you I wish you success in taking those steps, success in getting to the top, because only at the top can you really see clearly the whole picture, no blockages or boundaries, the opportunities seem endless at the top of the mountain.

Walk carefully, never give up and see how many mountains of life you will travel over. Love Cindy