Who are YOU?? If someone asked you who are you(?) what would you say?

What makes you who you are?

What makes you tick?

If you were left to a wheel chair existence in a senior citizen home who would you be? Or if you lost every possession you owned and had to start over again sleeping on a cot in a shelter, trying to put it all together, who would you be? What would you say you are?

I think of that often, and I see personally when we make ourselves become mixed up with what we do to earn money. I remember at a police graduation the preacher and Sergeant both made reference to the new grads and not getting into the mistake of stating and believing you are a police officer, and not that you are a wife, a husband, a mother, a father , a son or a daughter. Instead you are a person who chose to do police work as a profession. I can see how dangerous that can be to us.

For if we identify our being as what we do, and if what we do, we can no longer do, then we have twisted who we are with what we do, and in losing our ability to continue to do the profession we had done for years, we in turn have lost a portion of ourselves.

As I look at this photo ( complements of google images) I wonder what her profession was. Was her day to day job a stay at home mom, or a teacher, a beautician, a cashier, a nurse, a doctor? The list goes on an on. And did she have the ability to separate what she did, from what made her who she was? 

I hope I can do that. I try to catch myself from saying “I am a nurse” For I am a compassionate person, who has a job as a nurse. Without my job, I need to still be me. Life has blessed me with fulfilling the roles of a wife, a mother, a sister, an aunt, a grandmother, but me—I am  compassionate, I am considerate, I love people, I am giving, I like to do word searches and crossword puzzles, I like Jig Saw puzzles, I like to take photos, to sing, I love to solve problems, to make harmony – we each need to find who we are, What makes us who we are. For once we really can separate what we do, fro

m who we are- we are better able to face what life events come our way. So I ask you… Who are YOU!?? Love to all, Cindy ( Mrs Justa)