The first sign of Spring to me is my tulips blooming. It is after the honking of Canadian Geese have been infiltrating the silence, and after seeing the first Robin, it is after other’s crocuses have popped up- to me it is the tulips.

When we moved last year I dug up all the various tulip bulbs I had and brought them here. Damned if I could find them as summer turned into fall. So now I am going to Walli-world and am going buy about 20 sprouting bulbs and put them under the development sign in the front corner of our yard. It bugs me because I remember taking about 40 tulip bulbs , all different colors, and  putting them in a zip lock gallon bag- two of them actually, but I have absolutely no idea where they ended up in the move.

Moving sucks!!! 100_1336 We like it here, but it really was a pain in the butt packing up a whole life , tossing stuff and packing the rest. It is nice once all the hard work is done, but  it really is a lot of work. I believe we went through every box and bin, so I am wondering if the tulips were not accidentally tossed.

I would be happy if the temps stayed around the 60s to the 70s all year round. Some rain, some sun, a nice balance. This freezing temperatures one day and 50s the next are hard to get used to.

New York State does have beautiful seasons, the beginning of winter is really strikingly beautiful and the crisp white snow covers the world, it gives the impression of purity. Fall is unbelievable , the colors so bright, so brilliant, and the temperatures around what I like. Summer, well the beginning is nice, but when the humidity gets so high that we are drier in the shower then we are in the living room, well I am not a fan of the sticky humidity.  I do love the smell of lilacs in May and the smell of freshly cut grass, the feel of a nice breeze on a summer night, the sound of thunder and the tapping of rain drops on the windows.

The tulip however is a sign of a new beginning, a fresh start, a sign that the ice chopper and snow blower can be put to rest and the lawn ornaments and hose need to come out.

So I really hope Walli-world still has some for me, for I have been thinking about them for 2 weeks now. And should I find my bulbs from the old house, well I will plant them for next Spring. If I get any tulips planted, I will take some photos… if not I will be bummed.

Spring— yes, we deserve it after 145 or more inches of snow, yes… we deserve it. Love to all, Cindy