Put on some good music to move by !!

LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay everyone, twist your body to 100_0679the left then right. Stretch your back , feel the muscles tighten.
Come on now you can do it, 10 to the right , 10 to the left. Breathe slowly, in through your nose, out through  your mouth.100_0694
Tap your toes   as you go to twist.
Swing your arms


Now raise those arms, one at a time and you twist that waist, STRETCH- feel the stretch.
Left 10 times, then right 10 times, you can do it,
Thanks the way,
now we are going to add a new move.


There you go, bend at the waist and bring your arms down,
10 times to the left 10 times to the right. You can do it, after these we will repeat the full set, so get ready for another round.
You didn’t put this on over night, it will come off slowly.
Tone you body, it feels good… One more set, yes now you got it….
I thought I would inspire you all with Kitty aerobics. Heck if Imus can do this , I should be able to !. Have a good stretch, Love to all, Cindy