What a WONDERFUL way to end a hectic week and start a weekend. We got to be with Brandon last evening , rock him to sleep, sing a lullaby to him, feed him bananas and corn, his bottle, tickle him, have him laugh and even cry. What a nice evening for me and gramps. 100_2604_edited

This was right after he had eaten the corn and bananas, he was pretty satisfied. He gets a quick here it is and there is goes rash around his lips when he eats,  it disappears pretty quickly.

He is not yet crawling, but rolling back and forth and his dog seems to be a protector and tolerates Brandon kicking his feet in any direction he flips to. We tried to keep a good distance between the dog and child.

I look at his deep blue eyes and see such a happy baby. He smiles and now has learned how to screech, like a teenage girl on a roller coaster screech. It comes out of no where, and he is pretty darn proud of himself by the noise he makes. It kinds scares me, because it can be quiet and then all of the sudden the air is filled with a screech that goes into the ear and seems to get stuck sideways- eyes cross and then it hits me , it is only Brandon being vocal.
So this was the beginning of a great weekend, Beautiful mid 60s today, our traditional Saturday breakfast out with Shawn ( Pat was not in town this weekend), then off to work for a few hrs, now we have some windows open and I am getting ready to clean for the week. We may go out and tackle some of the yard, repairing it from winter and the plow man. Bills to pay, things to enter in Quicken, laundry to do. So I am off. THANKS Jeff and Amanda  for asking us to come over and stay with the lil guy, and THANK God for this precious wonder in our lives. I hoe all of you do something special this weekend. Love to all, Cindy