Where do the years go? How precious each second is that we are blessed with living. The various things available to teach our kids, to teach ourselves, to share with another.

We have to treasure each moment. It comes only once. We have to watch what we teach our kids, make sure we are a good example, and that we do not let automation help them grow.

Jeff was 5 in this picture. Mark and I took him to Canada with us to Marine Land. The petting zoo offered the kids to buy an ice cream cone filled with food that was ok to feed to the deer and the camels and giraffe. So for maybe 50 cents we were able to let Jeff really touch and talk to the animals. To have him learn about other living things, and how to treat them. It was funny, because I learned  by watching him how compassionate he was, and how grown up he was getting. This deer just stood there for what seemed like hours as he petted it’s head and he talked softly to it.

It is nothing I taught him, it was a God given gift he had, compassion can not be learned, it is a part of each of us at one point in our lives, and will stay with us as long as situations do not make us bitter.

We are all blessed with hidden gifts, talents that we sometimes ignore, or we do not explore to see what we really have been blessed with. On this day Mark and I saw things from Jeff that one would not have seen had he never been given the chance to explore life.

I feel for the kids who are trapped in their homes, surrounded by computer games, video games, TVs, DVDs, IPODS and computers. image What they see in life is felt for them.

They need to feel life, we all do – we need to appreciate the natural things provided to us-experience the ducks by a pond, sit at a picnic table by a lake , swing on a swing, play in the sand, ride a bike, fly a kite, and just enjoy life. And in these times when we take in life’s gifts, reflect on days gone by, and anticipate days yet to be born. Love to you, Cindy