Have you ever felt like letting it all out, taking a deep breath and huffing real hard, or a laugh from the bottom of your gut, or a howl like you never howled before?

I just love this photo of Indi and Imus. This photo of Indi is laughter to me, like he is laughing at the cat, teasing him to taunt him. And it is frustration to me too. These two play and tease each other constantly, they roll around, swat at each other , chase one another, cuddle with each other and act like they are really brothers.

It is amazing how gentle he is with the cat and how non threatened the cat feels by Indi. They really are best friends.

It is cute in the morning as I am driving off to work Mark will raise the blinds to wave goodbye and Indi and Imus are right there at the window as if to say goodbye also. Mark says as soon as I am out of sight they turn around and go about their business of rough housing and napping.

We all behave this way in life, where at times we may taunt or tease another living thing to get attention. Sometimes we may be in an environment where we just want to burst out laughing, or shout, or stretch and scream. This photo brings me to all these emotions all at once.

I had some woman cut in front of me today on my way home, she was in the right lane and did a sideways shuffle into the lane I was already in, almost in the space I was taking up. Fortunately I saw her, and backed off, but she made me want to take a deep breath and scream at her with a HOWL. She made me envision this photo. So I thank Indi for this multi emotional photo we captured him on, and I thank Imus for teasing him .

100_2535May you find a way to express yourself in times of joy and trials, for life throws us curve balls sometimes and other times we get lilacs and daisies.  Let the moments go, do not dwell on them , and the next time you feel stressed or joyful, take a deep breath and let it out  and turn that frown into a BIG smile! Love, Cindy