I dedicate this post to Amanda and Brandon, who are both feeling under the weather.

The baby has the beginning of an upper respiratory thing going on but not bad enough to require antibiotics.

Amanda is fighting an upper respiratory thing and a sinus infection. SO they are both feeling poorly right now.

This is a tough time of the year, with sniffles, and the throw up and die feeling of the GI flu, it is not a safe place to be anywhere.

So to you two precious folks, rest, drink your fluids, and stay comfy.

Jeff and many others had that GI thing last week, fortunately for Mark and I we have dodged the bugs floating around. But I think we can both attest to feeling achy from the gym.

It is funny , I was watching a sitcom “Still Standing” as I was tread milling it this evening, and it was about the husband and wife both trying to prove to the other how fit they were. SO the husband joins an amateur hockey team and the wife starts spinning and kick boxing at a gym . Neither wants to admit they can hardly move one leg in front of the other, as they want to show how fit they are. ( NOT) SO they do the sore muscle shuffle until the other comes in range, and then pretend to be doing just fine.

I was laughing, cuz Mark and I are going through the same achiness. But we are fessing up to it at least. So as we all have our aches and pain, feel better you two. Love to all, remember to wash your hands and carry the waterless soap with you, so you can sanitize your hands after touching an ATM, a public anything. Love, Cindy

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