Tips from long ago-

You are gonna love this one. It is in the chapter of a Helpful Hints book from probably 100 years ago, I kid you not……

“In the Sick Room” section:

For the invalids room,

an agreeable method of changing the air is to put eau de cologne in a shallow dish and ( ready for this !!) SET FIRE TO IT. it makes a pretty flame and imparts a delightful odor.”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I prefer a can of Lysol and Febreeze. ( call me spoiled. )


How about this from Kitchen hints….( do not read this while eating your meal…)

“To Freshen milk

when it begins to turn sour add enough carbonate of soda to cover a ten cent piece for each pint and boil the milk which will then be quite sweet and keep.”YUCK!!


Now if you’re thirsty, go to a neighbors house for water while you test your water

“To test your drinking water

Fill a clean pint bottle 3/4 full with the water and add half a teaspoon of pure granulated sugar to it. Cork tightly and keep it for 2 days in a warm place. If the water looks cloudy or milky it is unfit to drink without boiling it.”

Now there may be some merit to it- if you are wondering about your water.

“Sticking a label on a jar

“Use fresh white of egg, after drying well, they will not come off, even in hot water.”

I like the peel off adhesive label myself.

Last but not least

“Breakfast food”

Take your old bread, it doesn’t matter how old it is, cut into 1/2 inch cubes, fry in butter until crispy, eat with sugar, milk or cream”

Now there is an idea to clog your arteries.

Bear in mind there were no automatic dryers, electric stoves, Spray cleaners, 24 hours store to satisfy the weirdest cravings, and these women did everything in these long , suck in the gut, flowing skirt dresses.

There is a hint on how to heat your winter clothespins by heating them in the oven, and when warm put the in the clothespin bag. They will not split or freeze to your clothes when hanging them out and it helps so you do not freeze your fingers. ( Screw your fingers when you take your cloths down !)

Oh I was not meant to be born in the 1900s, what a hard life! Simple, and you slept well at night I am sure…on your burlap sheets.  MY utmost respect goes out to those who made it through these times so that we are now in the times we are in.

I wonder what we are doing now , that will seem so outrageous to generations 100 years from now. Have a good night, Love Cindy

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