I wanted to share this photo as I go back in time to 1985.

Jeff was 2 3/4rds years old.  Jeff and I had moved out of the home we lived in and into an apartment after his dad had  needed “time away” from us to think- so I had left with Jeff  and I  ended up finding a job and an apartment for he and I in Honeoye Falls NY. This was a time of adjusting for both of us, I had been a stay at home mom, it was a tough time, of heart ache and making a new life,  as he had to adjust to no daddy , going to day care and apartment life, and me all of the sudden out of the life I thought I was destined to be in forever.

Jeff was in the living room of the apartment and had told me “me do” when I went to get his winter coat and hat on him. So I had scooted into the bedroom to grab something and heard him huffing and with the cracking sound of the nylon on his coat. When I came around the bend, this is what I found. He had shuffled into his bedroom, grabbed a stuffed animal ( Horton hears a Who”) and had proudly put his coat on- which in itself amazed me, he just was having a heck of the time finding the zipper. I just smiled at his determination as we readjusted the coat and hat and grabbed Horton and went off to day care.

This photo reminded me how I had furnished the apartment, as I had no money and had just started a job after the  separation. I had taken hand me down furniture and the couch he is on is actually all foam, my mom had it in her basement for years. It was 2 cushions on top of one another that you could separate and make into either 1 double bed or 2 singles. Then the back was 2 more cushions. It was funny, if any adult sat on the couch for any great length of time, the foam would flatten and the person  would find themselves  sitting on the carpet before too much time had gone by. It was good for a 2 year old, but adults… not so much.

I go back in my mind often to times gone by, and how things have changed, and how some things are locked in the memory bank and when looked at, they seem like yesterday. The feeling of surprise and love for this little guy, struggling to be independent, well that is one of those memories that is right in the front of my mind.

Have a good night, and until tomorrow- may your memories give your warmth in your today. Cindy