“Spring slips into even the most hidden places of the countryside
     and transforms them into mossy-green mansions of delight.”

I got it, yep I got it bad.. Spring Fever. I went to church and then came home got into some sweats and grungy sweatshirt and tee shirt, and out I went –shed keys in hand, smile from ear to ear, visions of grandeur. It was around 50 degrees, snow is mostly melted, I saw a Robin, geese are honking over head as they head North, it was a perfect day.

So I got the rake and headed down to the sign for the development we live in, and raked away the death of winter and fluffed up the area for the birth of Spring. I sign is on our property, so we have told the owner of the development that we will keep it weeded and flowers and mulch around it.

Then back to the shed, wheel barrel shuffled around the snow blower and I started rearranging. Yep, Christmas tote away on the rafters and shelf, and down came the yard ornaments, solar light houses, the solar walkway lights, some statues and the Tweetie bird wind thing a ma gig, and the wind chimes.

I had to return the solar lights to the shed, the ground is too frozen to push in the plastic pointed ends into the ground. A week or so from now though, I will try again. It felt great to be outdoors, and not making a run for the car or house as I avoid freezing to death. We went to Wally world and I got some of the grass killer spray, and sprayed around the white rock border at the base of the sign.

I LOVE Spring time. I find I really appreciate it, living in an area where winter can easily bring 150 to 200 inches of snow, and being so far away from work, well the drives are interesting at times. January 2009 055The dark days are going, the chill is drifting away, it is like an award for surviving the winter. Saying you did it, once again. Oh I know another snow could hit, but that is okay, cuz my SPRING FEVER will melt it away.

Mark and I have talked a bit about to doing  a garden, a best friend of mine told me she and her husband have a rota-tiller, she said she will come over and I can rota till away, so I am thinking this will be fun.

It should be a sight to see, but I am game. I think I would like to do some zucchini, tomatoes, beans, winter squash, watermelon. All can be enjoyed fresh or frozen.

I am feeling so refreshed, rejuvenated, I hope you too had a good day, a God Day. Love to all, Cindy