Today’s post was inspired by a very good friend of mine. She and I work together and she had something happen today that really brought forth how we need to feel for the other people, we know not what they are going through.image

I chose this photo as a whole it is majestic, and because it displays different perspectives depending where I would be standing in this vast area. If I was in a plane, the sky was blue, and the sunlight reflected on the top of the cloud to give an image of a perfectly sunny day. If I was in the forefront, it would be  dark and cold. If I was at the tree in the center, the warmth of God’s light would have been shining on me.

What do you see when you look at the picture. A WOW effect, a depressing day, or a golden glow?

Today was a weird day, it is a full moon night, and the week of a second month in a row with a Friday the 13th. It was a trying day, we could hear it in our co-workers and in the voices on the phone.

Today one of the callers was sounding angry on the phone, she had short words, harsh tone, and was placing all the demands on us, and not really hearing what we were saying, but more so turning things around. We took her number and discussed the issue, and could not help but feel defensive by her tone and comments, but we can not becomes defensive ourselves. We need to take a deep breath, listen to all the extra stuff to get to the core of the problem. She did give the impression of being a nasty person.

Upon returning her call and offering ways we could help her, she had had a few minutes to step back. This caller apologized for the way she was before, and explained that she had a sister in an ICU and she was taking it all out on us. All of the sudden, this person who came across and a tyrant was a pleasant person. We were able to come to an amicable solution , and in the process, it was such a good reminder that we need to stop and remember that we are not in the other person’s shoes, we know not what is happening in their world, in that moment we interact with them, whether it be on the highway, on the phone, in a public place, at work, …how quick I have been to forget this.

What a gift it was for us to experience this , for by her strength of apologizing and then sharing her pain, she reminded us that we need to stand in the other persons shoes and even walk a mile in them .

Thanks for this, Love Mrs justa.