Cell phone, text messaging, I have got myself into a tizzy over this subject.

The reasons go on and on, depending on the situation and environment it is being used in. Sure there are times when a text message could be very important as a tool, but society as a whole has taken it to new levels of arrogance, ignorance , and down right rudeness, let alone an abused tool that has taken common courtesy and thrown it right out the window.

Text messaging and cell phones can give the impressions that the person does not want to be with the people they are with, or that they are texting about them.

Scenario number 1) I go to pick up a friend or family member to spend some time with them. AS soon as they get in my car they call someone else and carry on a conversation as I am driving them to wherever we are going. The conversation is not one that needed to take place in my car! It should have been done privately somewhere before I picked them up.

Scenario number 2) You are out to breakfast with friends, all of the sudden one of them takes out their phone and starts texting someone, and then an occasional smirk or giggle, while the rest of the people are not included, it is like whispering in front of people, it is rude!

Again, this should be done privately , not while you are with others at a table. Someone says something to you and your response is wait, I have to finish this message.

Scenario number 3) You are hired to work an 8 hour job, and that is because the employer needs you to work for the eight hours. No where in the hiring process did it say we are looking to hire you for 8 hrs , pay you for 8 hrs work but in that 8 hrs you are allowed to text your friends for 1 of those hrs each day. Now when your boss says something about the texting, you look like they are taking away your freedom.

Scenario 4) Driving to work, the store wherever and you see no problem in text messaging someone. Why do people think they can drive and text at the same time. People can not think in to planes at the same time, and your eyes should be on the road as you are propelling yourself down the highway.I came close to getting whacked by another car with the driver texting. This was on the interstate too!.

Cell phones are  a privilege, not a right. When you are with other people, your cell phone should be less important then those you are with. There is nothing more distracting then doing a presentation in a meeting and having someone who is suppose to be listening to you texting someone else. Please be considerate of those around you, these tools can be helpful when used properly. Thanks, Mrs Justa