As I got ready for bed last night I took an extra warm fleece blanket and wrapped the cage in it for warmth. And during the night, Beast passed on to a better place.

He looked so comfortable and peaceful, almost like he was sleeping in a warm winter bed. My prayers were answered, for he was taken in the arms of love to a peaceful death.

Have you every seen an animal that dies in terror, their legs frozen up in the air, their eyes wide open, well Beast was not at all like that. He looked at peace.

Web sites I had gone on said 12-14 years was life expectancy for parakeets, so I think it was just his time. I spent a bit this morning cleaning the cage with chlorine water and a scrub brush, and it is all neatly dried and away.

I am okay with it, my concern was that he went peacefully, He did drink and eat from the cut Dixie cups, so he did not have to struggle for his last meal.

I know, some of you think I am nuts, but pets become part of the family where I live.  To Mark and I he was like a kid in a way. To the cat and dog like the older brother.  This is just an end to a chapter in life.

We had Courtney with us last night. She was an artist at a Spring Art Show at the Nature Center a few miles from here. There had a reception and mostly middle school kids were selected for their art work. I think there may have been 6 or 7 schools and 5-6 students from each school. Her group was the only 3-D art work, 100_2567_edited hers was a Panda Bear done on a clay tile form. She did quite well, it really looked real. 


It was a nice reception, they had some different types of art work, all the kids did very well.

I love when kids are doing positive things as they are going through the tough years of adolescence. She does very well, her grades in school are high, and she has been selected for 2 different art projects, which I think is just grand.

So Congrats to the Lime Green Drama Queen. We love you ! Love (Aunt ) Cindy