He is still hanging on, the poor thing. Mark was here at home all day with the bird, and it is kinda a depressing place to be. We can not do a whole lot to make him better, I cut down a couple of bathroom size dixie cups to put warm water and food on the floor of the cage, watching him pull himself up to drink or eat just rips my heart out. The emergency vet basically told me there was nothing they could do. I can not  do what the emergency guys said, that person on the phones was really insensitive and so matter of fact, I can not kill a pet of mine by neck breaking, drowning or freezing. No can do. This sucks.

This bird is a determined strong ol coot. I went on line, and people suggest taking the bird to the vets, I called our vet a couple days ago , he does not do birds.

On line there was a suggestion to keep him warm and give him pedialyte with a dropper, I can try that tomorrow if I can not find someone who works on birds. . We live far enough in the boonies that there are not bird doctors around.

There is one guy about 30 miles from here, but I am not sure he looks at 14 yr old parakeets either. I can see if he is open tomorrow. This is really frustrating, Mark and I will give the vet in B – ville a call, see what they say, that is if Beast is still alive. Maybe that is a profession I should look into, caring for birds. I feel like we are on a desert island with no one to help. So light a candle for Beast, say a prayer, more to follow. Love, Cindy