Hallelujah, it is Weds. Weds night is the middle of the week, 1/2 way there, every other week it is the night before pay day, but bestest of all , it is POT PIE night. A tradition we started a few months back. We can get a pot pie at Save A Lot for 49 cents, the veggies we have with it, they are 49 cents too, and for some reason, the pot pies are really good!

So this is a new tradition at our house hold. Probably one that will go on after we die, for we will share it with Brandon enough that he will connect Weds and pot pies too.

We have traditions, ways we do things, some with a reason, and some just because. Like Christmas eve is always at my brothers home, always beef stroganoff and everyone gathers around for dinner and then we open some gifts. We used to have a lot of gifts, we all bought for everyone, and we are talking about maybe 17 people, but it was way to expensive and way to long! Now we draw names, and pull numbers to see who goes first. Each person who goes after the first open a gift and then has the option to keep the gift or take someone else’s and that person gets their gift. So that is a tradition that has been altered.

Another tradition of sorts, every July 4th most of the family comes from all over the states for a family reunion at Allegheny State Park. We have 4 generations of people who come to it, I bet if everyone came it would be in the 50s, but we normally get 20-30 people. It is great fun, and within it there are traditions, such as the soft ball game, and chicken night.

Traditions are our footprint in the sand, a mark on the totem pole, a signature in time. I hope you have at least one tradition, one special thing you do.

If not, it would be a great time to start etching your mark in time. Love to all, the pot pies are almost done:) MMMMMM Love Cindy