Last week one day Mark had gone out to start my car for me before work. And look at what was in our driveway. This was made with tire prints, 100_2453we have no idea if someone turned around in our driveway, or how it got there, but first for Mark to have even seen it is amazing. He usually shuffles out to the car with Indi, and turns it on, to return quickly back in the house. This  was a ways down, and you had to look at it in a special angle to see this.  Is this a message? To stop and appreciate those we love. Do not take life for granted?

I take it as such.  It is just too perfect, too unique, too WOW.

The second thing for tonight I want to share is this:

_ _ _  _ _ _ 8026  This is the last 4 digits of a phone number. A phone number that the Pastors wife had on a typed piece of paper, with other phone numbers to refer to in case of need for contacting people.  She and a group of 13 others went to an orphanage in Honduras a week ago. The travel plans were set. The group left NY and was to get into a town 4 hrs away from Honduras to catch a chartered bus. This bus would take them over the mountains to a bus stop in Honduras. At that bus stop they would meet with the Director from  the orphanage who was coming to get them in an old school bus. The group  had an hour to spare between the time their plane was to arrive in the town and to catch the chartered bus.  BUT their plane was held up in Newark NJ for 4 hrs, and when their plane landed in the town to meet the bus, the bus was long gone. Worried about how to get in touch with the Director from the orphanage before they took off, the group decided to call a person back at home, give him the phone number to the orphanage and then he could relay the message that the group was stuck waiting for the next bus. The phone number was passed from the pastors wife to the woman who was going to call her husband in the States , so he could make the call. She told her husband _ _ _  _ _ _ 8026 . Her husband called and was able to reach the people from the orphanage before they took off. On the last day in the orphanage the pastors wife was reviewing all her phone numbers from her list with the Director of the orphanage. The Director saw the number _ _ _  _ _ _ 8026 and stated that was incorrect- it was not her number. The pastors wife found that strange, because that was the number she passed on, which successfully resulted in the Director being advised the group had missed that bus. The Director again stated her number was not that ,  that her correct number is  _ _ _  _ _ _ 8046 . The Pastors wife knew the woman who made that call to her husband had written the number _ _ _  _ _ _ 8026 .

When the group returned home this weekend they asked the husband who made that call for the sheet of paper he had written the phone number onto. He showed them, He had written _ _ _  _ _ _ 8046 .

Had he written the number the way it was given to him, the group would have not met up with anyone, the story would have turned out to be much different, but he wrote down the only number that could connect the group with the orphanage- what is the chance of that happening? Given 10 numbers to mix up, in thousands of different combinations, that he mis-wrote the 4 instead of the 2 and having the correct number for the Director.  How can anyone not believe in pray, in God? Love, Cindy

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