Today is the change that so many voted for, that so many long for. I worry about that. For people are hungry for change so bad that they have taken a man with a dream and made him into a miracle.

In looking at the crowds of people, the close ups of people weeping as Obama was sworn in, it appeared to me that there are people who have him so far on a pedestal, that it is impossible for him to fulfill their image. There is no magic wand, money does not grow on trees, we can not continue to have others fix our problems, or poor choices.

Yes there were 50+ million who voted for him, but there were close to 50 million who did not too, me one of them.


It is time for the country to rally together, to work together to help to get us out of this incredible mess we are in. Barack can not do this on his own. It takes a team of people, a team of millions. People who are willing to give up some things, to not be a nation of wants, but a nation of what can we do to help.

In one way I find it totally amazing that he made it to this place in his life, to have been a child from a mixed couple, to grow up in a white family, a dad in another country, to be raised by his grandmother, I can imagine him at 10 or 11 saying, “Grandma one day I am going to be president of the United States” and he getting an encouraging “Uh Ha” type response, but to have made it through the trials to the triumph, it is amazing.

AS the ticker tape parades, the confetti settles, the millions return home, we remain in a financial struggle, I just got my 401K statement showing me I lost 42 %, many of us living on a shoestring, loss of jobs, cost of living high. I personally am concerned about the country, the people who are hungry for answers, for solutions to their oh so deep problems, the people who have placed him on a pedestal before he has done anything.

A bust of a person should end on a pedestal  , after they have earned it, not in anticipation that they will.

We are here, we have just seen the 44th president of the USA sworn in, each president should have the same warm enthusiastic witnessing of them being sworn in, for each person taking that oath, has in essence taken their life as they have known it, and dedicated it to us, the country, and never again will their lives be what it was before the swearing in. Good luck to Barack, God Bless our country, and hang on, I think some things will hurt, but we must stay together for the country. It really is a great nation we are blessed to be in. Love, to all, Cindy