The window to the soul. That is what your eyes are. Eyes tell secrets, they tell real feelings, they tell of pain, joy, hardship, depression, you can not make your eyes lie. 004

In nursing school my instructor challenged me, she assigned me patients who were unable to speak. I was to make up a care plan for them, figure out what their needs were, and communicate with them.

These patients I cared for were either suffering from a stroke, from Alzheimer’s disease, from cardiac arrest, from serious injury.  One man was in his late 50s and blinked so many times for yes and so many times for no. One woman in her 50s was unable to speak from a stroke. I had an elderly woman who had been abandoned by her family, and could not speak. Well, they could not speak with their mouths, but their eyes told me everything I needed to know. The thing in common that they had were their soul was there, and for each person, I truly believe I was able to help them be comfortable, be cared for, and be understood.

I have always looked through peoples eyes. To see what is in their soul. What their heart is feeling, and to empathize with some of the things I have found out in this journey of life. What I have found in the years of my life are that people have pain, hurt and confusion that they can  067not share, but is in their soul. Deep thoughts that can not come out for whatever reason. Maybe some think that people do not care, maybe some think that it is a way of protection from ridicule, mocking.

We can not control what our central nervous system does, nor what the chemical in our brain does. It is out of our control. I have seen eyes of wonder, eyes of fright, eyes of love, eyes of laughter. The different areas of the soul have different ways they are shown through the eyes.

In my different experiences in being a mom, a wife, a nurse, a boss, a friend, a stranger, I have seen tales and stories from the heart. I have seen such love and total laughter, and hate and heartache.010

What do people see when they look into your eyes? What is it you are holding in your heart? What is it your soul has locked up? Are you filled with laughter, joy and love, …or are you filled with dark secrets , with pain, with hunger. What do you see when you look in your families eyes, in your parents eyes, friends, strangers? I find it fascinating, and mysterious. See what you see. Love always, Cindy