Never guess where grandma and grandpa played today, will ya ?

We got to play at Brandon’s house today. He had a tee shirt on a few weeks ago that said ” What happens at grandma’s ..stays at grandmas.” Well he doesn’t have to be here, to have secrets from mom and dad. image Today he made the commitment to become a ROCK STAR. Yes he is a little young, but he was definitely attracting a captive audience with the two of us today. LOL

Grandpa got a lot of happy Brandon time.

He was smiling, cooing and cuddling and even was good for the 11 and 1 o’clock feedings. So gramps and he bonded major this weekend. I have officially been the receiver of the baby who needs to take a quick snooze, so in times of feeling frustrated with his new commitment to stardom, I rocked him to sleep , so he was a “ROCKSTAR” then too!.

Every week he is different,

every week he has so many smiles and hugs, every week is special. Trying to speak, chuckling, today he was talking to the basketball game.

Life is amazing really,

sure there are so many misfortunes, and I personally could go on with poor me things that would make a laughing hyena tear up, but through all the crap in the world, a precious baby can make everything disappear.

The bills disappear for a moment in time,

the aches are less, the stress from work is no where to be found. A child can take a mature intelligent person and have them smiling toothy smiles, cooing, making silly faces and  pretty much acting like an child themselves, BUT I WOULD NOT give it up for the world.

He only makes me want to live for another 50 years!

Thanks to Jeff and Amanda for asking us to assist, THANKS to Brandon for all the joy you bring, and remember, we are the ones who got you into the spot lights, so naturally royalty checks will be welcome! Love to all, Mrs Justa.