I never thought I would say this but “THANK GOD FOR FOOTBALL!” Sunday we were blessed with watching Brandon, and he was a smiling little guy for 99.5 % of the time, but he had a very short bout of nothing making him happy, so I was walking and swaying side to side with him, I turned towards the TV and he stopped- like a light switch – 100_2201_edited so I turned and he cried, turned to football stopped.

Fortunately his mom was wise enough to send a cute little chair that he can get positioned in, so I set him in front of the football game and he just stared at the movement.

I do not know if it was the changes in the lights on the screen or the guys running all over the place, or if he is a natural for the game? but for that .5% of the time, he was mesmerized by the Philli game.

He is a treat, a joy, and growing so quickly. He has this huge smile that he gives, is starting to learn the chuckle, that deep belly baby laugh.

He loves his mommy and daddy, and when they came over to have dinner and get him, he heard their voices and had this toothless ear to ear grin, his eyes even sparkle with joy.100_2202_edited

He has gotten stronger with his legs, and will actually push himself up against your lap . It is amazing that in a week there is such a difference with him. I can not imagine if we were in a different state from him. I can not fathom only seeing him every month, or two.

We love to watch him, love to see the growth, the inquisitiveness, the thought processes as they develop. Even that quivering lower lip and the real tears were precious.

We are blessed, in so many ways, this reminds me of one of my favorite phrases, the best things in life are free.

The joy a child brings, the blessings of life, the rewards of seeing your own child grow up, life is worth every minute of it. May you find something that brings you joy, love always, Mrs Justa