Susan Polis Schultz has a slew of greeting cards, those mushy, I love life, sorry for your heartache, cards. There is something she wrote very long ago that went like this. “You are a free person. I am so happy because in your freedom, you chose me to be your friend.”image

In this world of cyber space, the opportunity for friends goes to a totally different spectrum. I think of special people in my life from years ago, and I also picture the various people who might pop on the blogs from all over the place. I look at these readers as friends.

There are some blogs that Mark used to go to all the time, and he really did develop some online friendships. When he had his major depression, his on line friends did not give up on him. We know not these people in a face to face relationship, but their commitment to him is incredible.

We both pop over and check out their various sites, and even if we do not comment, our presence is there, as is the presence of the folks who pop by this blog and the I just want to thank you for your on line friendship. You are so real , down to earth , tell it like it is, you are a friend.

But it does not stop there, I also want to thank those who we are friends with off line. People who did not have to accept Mark or accept me, but who took the time to know us and us to know them. There is an old girl scout song my mom taught me when I was a toddler. ” Make new friends ,but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold. “

I justa want to say thanks, and to know that I am a friend to you. Love, Cindy… alias Mrs Justa  ( the graphic is the courtesy of google image)