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This photo was taken a few months back about 20 miles north of our home at Lake Ontario.

Oswego State University Campus is close to this area. It was peaceful there on this Sunday afternoon as we glanced out over the lake. If you look on the horizon, you can not see land. It goes on forever. It brings to mind the thought that the people of the world had so many years ago, that the world was flat. If you dared to do to the horizon, you would fall off the edge.

So many things fascinate me, and I find them hard to comprehend. One thing is all this water. And how is helps to form the outside of the sphere of this great planet earth.

Gravity holds it to the outside surface of the globe. Think about that!. If some freaky thing were to happen and gravity weakened for a moment, this lake could be nothing more then a deep rut on the surface of the earth.

I try to imagine what it looks like from afar in space. As we walk and drive on the outside of the earth. And even though it appears flat, it just goes on and on. Never to fall off. Now gravity could pull us down in the water, that is kinda creepy, but it lets us stay upright and walk on the outside of this spinning planet.It is majestic. It is more then one can imagine. It is impossible to walk the entire parameter of this earth.

All these different climates, different cultures, different rules, different threats. Yep each one of us experience heart break, love, compassion, hurt. We are so different, yet so alike. We exist in a spinning environment. 

How can anyone say that Earth just happened. There has to be a God. There has to be something more then what we see in our existence on the earth. There has to be a greater spirit then life itself. Peace to all, Love Mrs Justa.