Mr Brandon is getting bigger every day. We were blessed with the opportunity to spend a few hours with him yesterday as the kids were at their new home painting and working on the kitchen.

Brandon is now not as needy at being held, he at times wants to be on his own, so we put him  in his bouncy chair and he went to town! Cooing at the toys hanging in front of him, wiggling all over and batting at the toys.100_2017_edited

It brought me back to yester-year, it seems so close yet was 25 yrs ago now!

Jeff had a bouncy chair, not as stylish as they are now, and a playpen. I suspending small stuffed toys on the top of the play pen, and the chair fit below. If he reached he could just swat the bottom of the toys. They were brightly colored stuffed animals, and for hours he would jiggle and coo and bang his toys around. 

And here now is Brandon doing the same thing.

There were times when he just wanted to be held,

and he would sit in grand- pas lap and stare up at him. 100_2006_edited

As if to say he knew he was safe in his arms.

It is fascinating to watch the stages of development as the infant turns into a baby to a toddler.

The innocence of youth, the love of a child, the wonder of life.

I am in a state of awe as I think of the miracles God brings to us, and so often I am reminded  that I need to be thankful for all I have, and not feel anything but blessed.

Sure others have more, have better, are better, but I can not think of the others in life, I need to always focus on me, my family , my friends and treasure each second I am given on this earth. For it comes once, never to return. May you each find blessings in your life, they are there. Love always, Mrs Justa