Life has a way to make us feel like we have control of a situation, and then sometimes it is  like we are just barely hanging on. I chose this photo because I think it is an example of both all at once. The ice form in the middle looks almost like a shark, 100_0892 - Copy - Copy - Copy formed for attack, having it all together. Yet this shark is hanging on by a thread, doomed if the climate allows it to be doomed, a little warmer temperature and this fish is history.

The ball on the top of this twig, well that ball has control of it all. Nestled in a 3 prong grasp, on top of its world. Not as controlled by the temperature, I think the ball would slowly turn into water, but the shark, oh he is up for a big crash.

Life is like that. Some of us are in the situation of the shark. Unemployment is raising, I heard on the news today that in NYS there can be over 200,000 New Yorkers unemployed, and a large percentage from upstate New York. We are the sharks.

The ball, well that sounds like people like the president, or the senators or congressman, they seem to be secure in their jobs. And how can we plan for the distresses of the world today. The financial woes are like the change in temperature for these forms of ice. What can we do?

We need to build our shelters, to learn to enjoy the free things in life, to appreciate and not complain about the places we are employed, for there are many others who would gladly take your job away from you.

Frequent the discount stores, the used clothing stores, make gifts, do cards on your own. Spend, but spend carefully.

We need to refurbish buildings instead of abandoning them or knocking them down to build a new one. Consolidate your trips, eat in and not out so much, watch an old movie from your collection or on TV. Lets focus on what we need and not what we want.  plan for that climate change, like the ball. The shark has stuck his neck out, has not covered up his wants, and will suffer for it. Be careful, be wise, and know I care. Love , Mrs Justa.