Please keep Badger in your thoughts and prayers. 100_1195 Badger is our son’s families dog, he is a gentle giant. He is 2 1/2 years old and loves to cuddle. He has something funky going on with his left eye, it looks like blood in it. The vet saw him tonight and can not diagnose it until the 350.00 worth of blood work comes back.

The vet said it could indicate a variety of diagnoses, so lets wait for the blood results.

So a candle is being lit for Badger tonight.

I feel bad for the kids, they try so hard to do the right things , to get ahead, and when life comes down and socks them in the gut, I hurt too.

I hope that Badger pulls through, maybe only needs a steroid eye drop or something that simple. He is not blind in the eye, just it is not right. So think of him , will you please. Say a prayer, light a candle, and let’s see how things turn out for the kids and the dog. Love, Badgers Grandma— Mrs Justa