All these memories are in my mind, and something will trigger them. Here is one memory. Coming in from playing in the snow and having the smell of fresh baked toll house cookies filling the air , she would give us one with a mug of home made cocoa.

My mom made toll house cookies constantly. 100_1969_edited 100_1986 She would quadruple the recipe so there were not too many chips in her cookies.Plus she would add things to them. Weird stuff, like maybe raisins , cheerios, rice krispies. What ever she felt she needed to.

She was a baker, and loved to make things for people. At Christmas time she would bake a lot of German Fruit Cakes, and then she would wrap them in saran wrap, put a ribbon around them and a gift card and send us out to deliver them in the suburban housing area we lived in.

Me, I never was too fond of the fruit cake, and I do not know if the receivers were either, I would smile as we knocked on their door and hand them the fruitcake , our nose and fingers tingling from the bite of winter on us, then we would return to a freshly made cookie or two.

Mom was a very giving woman. She did not ever complain. She was a doer. No matter what misfortunes came in her pathway, she overcame them . I wish I was more like her. My comfort is that even though she has been gone for years now, she is still here. I feel her around me at times, I feel her comfort.

My toll house cookies, well it is just me and Mark here, so we make them seldom, but when we do, there are more chocolate chips in a cookie, as I have no need to quadruple a recipe. šŸ™‚ warm thoughts to all, Love, CIndy