This image is from google image, it is a trade mark of the show that echoes through many peoples houses now every night!. It is interesting the characters that end up on the show first of all. There was one person who kept head butting Howie Mandel after a case was opened.


The show is kinda fun to listen to or watch. It is usually playing while I am in the office checking e mails and reading some of my favorite blogs ( like Precious’s). 

This show has people come on, and there are a slew of briefcases that have a card in each that represents an amount of money. The person playing also has a briefcase they have chosen, and they are trying to bet theirs has the higher amount of money in all the briefcases. It is a game of chance, and it is interesting to see , as the game goes on, how the player will focus. As they choose cases there is a “banker” who keeps calling after a set number of cases have been opened to see if the player will sell their unopened case for an amount of money.

The banker entices  the player with various amounts of money to save the show from a larger pay-off, should it be in the case the player is holding onto until the end. It is a game of chance, and when it is all over, the player could win 500,000 dollars of end up with 1.00. Mark and I think how we would act. It might be fun to try.

There was one show where the player had a great attitude, he came with nothing and was going to play till the end to see if he had that magic case with the highest amount. I think the guy won a dollar.

Life is like this really, deal or no deal. What steps we take are gambles, the people we love, the places we go. The scratch off lottery tickets, the drive on the highway, it is one big deal or no deal.Who is going to be the ones we pay this week? What can be done to cut our expenses.Everything is a case to open, or to give up.   I am going to go check the lasagna and see if the recipe is a keeper, or a not so good one. Deal or no deal…. Have a good night, Love, Cindy