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TIme, this world we live in is driven by time. Time to go to work, time to go to bed, time to eat, time to play. When you go to a counselor or a psychiatrist they watch the time you have to talk. image I had to schedule a meeting at work today and I needed to coordinate 2 others time with mine.

Time seems to rule my life. The thought of being independently wealthy, and to never set an alarm clock, to some that may sound great, to me I like the discipline time holds over me.

As I write this the timer for dinner  went off. We are going to run to the grocery store tonight because around mid day tomorrow the lake effect snow machine is supposed to crank up.

So it is time to go shopping, getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner next week. We expect to have 14 people here, it will be a good TIME. We are planning to eat around 2:30,so I am checking the roaster over to see how much time it will take for the turkey. Time is essential for a meal such as this, for people expect to have all their food ready at the same time.

Soon it will be time to watch Grey’s Anatomy and ER, so now it is time for me to bundle up and go shopping.

Have a good time until we meet again… Time is the essence of importance, time heals all wounds, time helps us get over hurt, time for children to grow up, take time to cherish what you have, time to love, time to live, time to die,,,,, Time to go, Love Mrs Justa