I have a uncanny sense of the full moon. I love a full moon in its beauty, but working in the medical field, I am not being superstitious when I say that there is definitely a full moon syndrome. image It is freaky how it comes and goes.

It has gotten to the point that I printed up a 20 year list of full moons that have been and are yet to be.

Working in the hospital, in a physician office, doing triage and in an insurance environment I have seen signs of the full moon syndrome in all these settings.

Where I am now, the machines work differently, the calls are strange, people asking really unusual stuff. Doing triage I used to find that peoples circumstances were not the normal requests. And in the hospital, one might get a tray thrown at them, or things just happen out of the ordinary.

I can not pin point why, but the way we see it is there are 2 weeks leading up to the full moon syndrome and then a week following when things start to settle down, then a week of normalcy.

I do not dread the full moon, but it always reminds me that anything can happen, any type call can come in, and at days end, the yard is cast with shadows, and there is a comforting glow thru the windows, heck our dog even barks at the full moon- he looks up at the sky and yips away. I don’t understand it, but I have come to expect anything at the moon shows its full face. Happy times to all, Mrs Justa