100_1980_edited This morning was a statement that winter is here. Yes our first real snow in the new home in “snow belt” ville. Some areas of the country do not deal with “lake effect ” snow, but we do.

Before I used to say we lived in the buckle of the snow belt, well now we have moved up about 11 miles and we are in the thick of the belt. Look at the size of those whompin snowflakes!! This was just as it started to slow down for a bit. 20 minutes earlier the photo would have looked a lot different.

What were we thinking???? I complained where we were at before.

So on year one of this 30 year adventure, I am looking at the snow and realizing that at 84 I will still be looking at it and saying in a more crackly voice… “What were we thinking dear?”

How to prepare for the next 30 years. There is a country western song “My Next Thirty Years” .. I will watch my weight, I will get more sleep, I will stop drinking ( I already have that one taken care of .. I do not drink!) But there are tons of other things I need to do better in my next 30 years.

So for those of you who do not get snow— here is some of ours. And for anyone in the mid west- you got a few feet of it already, better you then me, and for me and Mark- the shovels are out , one car has snows on it already, and we have our rock salt. Yuck, it does one thing though, it makes us appreciate the Spring ! One day closer to Spring. Love to all, Cindy

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