Did you every want to find a church

where you felt welcomed? Where there are no outward jealousies or people competing with one another. image

Well this church is just that place for me.

I am not going to go back in time and say what I experienced before, it is not important. What is important to me is that the people at this church, from the first moment I stepped into it, have been nothing but friendly.

They accept people for who they are,

they welcome people to do what they can. I live about 20 miles from church now, and with working till 6 each night it is very hard for me to commit to many extra activities. But I am able to offer to sing for them . Every other week the music is not the choir, but it is special music. Anyone can sign up for special music, and the person can sing, or play an instrument, maybe have another person sing with you or even a group. It gives all an open opportunity to share their talent they have been blessed with.

I have loved music my whole life,

it makes me whole. About 10 years ago, I had a GI doctor perform an upper endoscopy on me in the most barbaric  fashion. If I gagged he smirked and jammed the scope in forcefully.I do not know why he found pleasure in the pain he caused, but because of his abuse, I had lost my ability to talk or sing for almost a year. I felt robbed of a part of my soul. I was only part of me. I eventually had to have my lingual tonsils operated on, as this doctor had damaged them so.  It was almost 2 years before I had my voice back and was once again able to sing. As I healed and retrained my voice, not knowing if I would ever sing again, I prayed and prayed hard, that if I could sing again, I would sing in church until my age no longer made it possible.  This church welcomes me there, I sing maybe once every other month, and it is something I can give to the church – a part of me. I think that God had a way of leading me to this church. It was not an accident.

It is so nice to have a place like this church,

that I feel welcome and at home, and where I find I grow spiritually. The Pastor once said to me that it does not matter were a person goes to church, as long as that church helps the person grow spiritually, and this one does just that. They treasure their youth and offer a Weds night program for any youth in the area. During the summer they have activities again for youth , no matter if they are in church or not. They treasure the neighbors. If there is work to be done, the pastor and his family are right there with everyone else. There are not hidden subjects, they talk about peoples illnesses and dealing with sadness along with peoples happiness. The care for one another and pray for each other and anyone in need. This church is a blessing to me.

Thanks to all there, and I hope you have a place like this in your life too. Love Always, Mrs Justa